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As an international and well-established organization in the field, GW can show you how to establish and manage a NGO or how to establish the Green Warriors of your county. We have campaigned in several countries and have international branches, in for example Scotland. As part of the exchange program, we have tailored a program that can be modified to meet your fields of interest. The lectures and guided tours will be individually tailored to meet your needs, founded on our longstanding and successful experience within environmental work. During your stay in Norway you will be introduced to our democratic methods to build an organization from the grassroots and upwards, having a strong foundation in groups fighting locally while the central organization is fighting nationally for the same cause.
Much of the early days has gone into building up the organization, where we are investing heavily in providing us modern equipment and create a device that allows the organization the most stable, independent and unassailable. We do this in order to do what we really want: engage in active, effective and ongoing environmental work against dubious politicians and established sources of pollution, not to mention being a professional heavyweight in environmental protection and environmental consulting. We founded a concept called Miljøtrekløveret consisting of conference and expedition vessel M/S Miljødronningen, Luden Banquet facilities and Seletun Environmental Hotel. This allows us to generate our own income and maintains our independency. All surplus goes back into environmental work, while the establishments are driven according to strict, environmentally-friendly principles. We also run our own resale market.
The environmental hotel Seletun is Europe's most environmentally friendly course and conference center. Seletun located on a peninsula in the Os-river, in Western Norway's most beautiful scenery. Seletun is also an adventure center for learning about building, energy and environmental protection. Here you can enjoy the peace and tranquility of nature in an area that has mountains, forests, beautiful lakes, islands. Environmental hotel Seletun use only organic farming, with environmentally friendly solutions to resource use and energy. Here we can also offer recreational activities during your stay, such as bow and arrow, fishing and organic wine tasting.
Luden Banquet facilities are a rustic and historic venue with roots in 1700s, offering a unique atmosphere and delicious, organic and local food. Here we have the possibility of a combination with conference ship M/S Miljødronningen with permanent dock right outside our doorstep. The M/S Miljødronningen is a new, modern equipped and certified research and conference vessel. The ship is owned in its entirety by Green Warriors through Miljødronningen AS and used as environmental monitoring ships / research vessel, the company tours, courses and conferences. The ship is also frequently used when GW is campaigning against fish farms.
Day 1 - Welcome
- Check Miljødronningen / Seletun
- Welcome to Luden / Seletun
- Dinner
- Talk about Luden / Seletun history
- Accommodation

Day 2 - Environmental protection

- Organic Breakfast
- Guided tour
- Lecture 1
- Lecture 2
- Organic Lunch
- Guided tours and lectures in the used market
- Dinner
- Evening Seminar

Day 3 - Safe Food

- Organic Breakfast
- Excursion
- Survey of farms
- Lecture
- Organic lunch
- Guided tour of Seletun / Miljødronningen
- Lecture on Ecology Part 1
- Dinner
- Lecture on Ecology Part 2
- Lecture
- Organic / biodynamic wine tasting (optional)

Day 4 - Communications, Engineering & Waste

- Organic Breakfast
- Lecture 1
- Lecture 2
- Eco Tours in civil engineering practice
- Guiding Source separation, gray / black water systems in practice
- Organic lunch
- Lecture on Sustainable Energy Part 1
- Sustainable Energy Part 2
- Dinner

Day 5 - Creating and running an organization

-Organic Breakfast
- Organization
- Structure
- Reaction Ring

Day 6 - To create and operate an organization

-Organic Breakfast
- Eco-lunch
- Dinner
- Organization
- Structure
- Reaction Ring

Day 7

- Organic Breakfast
- Farewell


Accommodation: 800, - per pax per night
Breakfast: 130, -
Lunch: 199, -
Dinner: 299, -
Drink to food (not alcohol): 40, -
Transport:?? (Boat, bus)
Wine Tasting: 450 - 550, -

Package price (so the offer stands now) ONLY for lodging with meals - 6 nights - 6 breakfast - lunch 5 - 6 dinner - 11 drinks to food.

-6 Overnight = 4800, -
-6 Breakfast = 780, -
-5 Lunch = 995, -
-6 Dinner = 1794, -
-11 Drinks to food = 440, -
= 8809, - per pax

Norges Miljøvernforbund

Skuteviksboder 24,
5035 Sandviken
Postboks.593, 5806 Bergen


Tel: 55 30 67 00
Faks: 55 30 67 01
Epost: nmf@nmf.no
Org.nr: 871 351 082
Kontonr: 3633 41 17116
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