Environmental protection actions

Ongoing campaigns:

Demonstration against forced installation of wireless smart meters

Meet outside Hafslund Nett in Drammensveien 144 on Skøyen in Oslo and help us hold up posters of the 261 scientists who have signed the international EMF Scientist Appeal. Vi leverer ut flyers og snakker med folk. Har du problemer med Hafslund Nett eller andre energi- eller nettselskaper ta en tur innom vi kan hjelpe deg 🙂 Forskningen er klar, vi har med oss nok av forskning som forteller at dette er helseskadelig og miljøfiendtlig.
In 1994, we had our first nationwide campaign. Over 400 Statoil petrol stations, from Mandal in the south to Lakselv in the north, were visited by NMF's shareholders with demands for the introduction of petrol pump extraction, such as Statoil has in Denmark and Sweden. Otherwise, there have been countless local and regional actions during the years the Environmental Protection Association has existed.
Examples of this are:
  • • Got through that a new sulfur purification plant for diesel was built at Mongstad
  • • Stopped illegal waste dumping in Åsane, Bergen and Haugesund
  • • Prevented dumping of decommissioned ships on the Norwegian coast
  • • Stopped emissions from a stoneware factory in Rogaland
  • • Stopped illegal burning of special waste in Ålesund and Trondheim
  • • Got approx. 20 companies to cut out the environmentally unfriendly plastic PVC
  • • Opposition to incineration plants in Bergen, among other places
  • • Opposed the giant project Hardangerbroen and the Trikantsambandet
  • • Worked for better protection of endangered animal species in Norway
  • • Work to reduce the use of the cancer-causing drug Ektobrann in fish feed
  • • Prepared a complete planning program for a light rail in Bergen, a counterweight to all the motorway plans
  • • Developed action packages for source sorting and ENØK for schools, businesses, construction and construction
  • • Created an environmental remediation guide for buildings