In 2008, the Environmental Protection Association started a campaign to get all fish farming into closed farming facilities. This is because the open aquaculture facilities litter our coast and fjords, kill shellfish and have a dramatic damaging effect on wild cod, pollock, salmon, sea trout and a wide range of other fish species. Closed breeding facilities can be placed sheltered, closer to buildings, and do not litter the community's fjords. The water is taken from a depth of 30 metres, during photosynthesis, where it is free of salmon lice and many other fish diseases. The faeces can be used for fertilizer production, biogas, electricity production, the infection problem is reduced, and at the same time the use of chemicals can be reduced to zero.

Stop the destruction of our fjords! Breeding into dense facilities now.

Today's farming industry represents a robbery of the community. We cannot allow an industry to pollute our common fjords for its own enrichment.

What are we doing
We have used a great deal of resources to expose the enormous environmental impact of the farming industry, particularly with the help of the Environment Queen and mini submarine (ROV).

Raising awareness
We want to inform consumers about the consequences of today's farming in open facilities. We do everything to highlight the environmental and health effects that the industry entails.

With the help of the Environmental Queen and the mini-submarine, we film the huge mounds of faeces that lie on the seabed under each facility and present this to the public. We have also taken a number of samples from the bottom which have been sent for analysis.

Every year we also report a large number of breeders for a number of conditions and write a number of consultation statements against the industry's constant desire for expansion.

Our goal is to educate consumers so that consumers become aware of the enormous environmental impact the farming industry has on the community and demand that the open and polluting facilities be phased out.

Case manager

Arne Roger Hansen
91 64 67 62

Arne Roger works to increase attention to the harmful effects of farming.

All inquiries can be sent by email.

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