The environmental market

Miljømarked is the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency's shop for the sale of used objects and building materials. We sell TVs, stereo systems, white goods, toilets, washbasins, furniture, chairs, mirrors, sports equipment, bicycles, glasses, trinkets and ornaments, carpets, doors and windows, lamps and much more.

The environmental market concept is based on people and companies delivering/donating usable items which they will nevertheless throw away, but which are also usable. With us, you can therefore deliver usable items that others can benefit from, as well as support a good cause. You will therefore find all kinds of objects with us, from bicycles and prams to movables, stereo systems and building parts.

We wish, if possible - in accordance with our purpose clause - to use listed or conservation-worthy buildings, so that the buildings are in use. Use is the best way to prevent buildings from decaying.

As the business appears, we believe that we have found an interesting combination of several purposes: Recycling of waste, waste minimization, employment in environmental protection work, cultural heritage protection, youth work, and attitude-creating work. The profit from the business goes to carry out other environmental protection work within the Swedish Environmental Protection Association.

Opening hours: 10.00 - 16.30, Saturdays 11.00 - 15.00

Facebook link: The environmental market Used buildings

Address: Professor Hansteens gate 55, 5006 Bergen
Telephone: 94005571